Songs for a Tired City

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<Sound played in the call>




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It's the last day for Songs For A Tired City. @shivahuja and @jayantmanchanda will be passing on the lines to @manavkhadkiwala soon! . . . Thank you for listening. If you've missed the piece or if you'd like to hear it again, write to us! . . As much as we'd like for things to change in Gurgaon the pace of construction (at the cost of the Aravallis) is getting faster by the minute and laws are being twisted to aid corporations to take on roles related to urban planning. What is needed is action on the ground and so we’d like to use this opportunity to point your attention towards a very important citizen run campaign called #aravallibachao. Please check the hashtag for more information. Write to us if you'd like to get involved. . . . ‘Our piece for Out of Line, is a sonic exploration of Gurgaon, more specifically, of Golf Course Road where India’s only private metro service operates. The sound piece is meant to be heard while in transit on the Rapid Metro, with a view of the rapidly shrinking Aravalli range. . . . . . #outofline #soundart #gurgaon #aravalli #realestate #virtual #exhibition #audio #soundscape #aural #listen #experimental #automated #diy

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